Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chapter 2: Iron Chef Zubiri

I took my assignment of cook for today´s dinner with nervous assurance when Andy handed me the job assignement card this morning. Luckily the store in Zubiri was slight on the selection and my chef duties involved no more than slicing bread. This probably sums up my whole day. I have a looming fear that I´ll eventually reach a point where that wall will be hit. My right shoulder has been hurting me a little along with my right big toe. But I made it through the day blisterless, not sore, and can only complain about that knot in my right shoulder. So despite the nerves that accompanied the beginning of the day and that will probably accompany me at the beginning of each day this first week I can say that I am Ok and that the Camino inevitably continues on...


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