Thursday, June 29, 2006

El segundo dia

We had another great day on the trail. We started out in two groups, one at 6 and another a little while later, but we ended up together because the bakery didn´t open until 7:30. The hike took us out of the Pyrenees and into flatter terrain. I finished in about 5 hours. Andy and I took off to find us a restuarant for lunch while the rest of the team finished up.

Spain is so beautiful, and the weather has been absolutely perfect. Today was sunny but not too hot. I´ve sincerely enjoyed every moment. Great views and wonderful company.


Anonymous RON said...

Hey Paul!
Glad to read that you are having a great trip! We are vicariously enjoying your adventure in the comfort of our homes, the easy way. :-) Actually, I wish we could do this hike also! Also glad to know that you are feeling fine.

8:12 AM  

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