Saturday, June 24, 2006

Estamos aqui

Hola, this is Allie, Ryan, Caryn and Holly. We are standing the lobby of Hostal Acapulco on our first night in Madrid. We´ve come a long way, but it went surprisingly fast. I (Allie) am still trying to realize that we are actually in Spain -- and actually a couple days from beginning the Camino! We (Caryn, Ryan and I) successfully navigated the Metro and found our hostel right away. We got here a little before noon and, while our room´s air conditioning was being fixed, we more or less passed out on the couches in the lobby. Javier and the Acapulco staff were excellent -- they kept us updated on the AC work, gave us a discount on our room rate, and complimentary water and snacks (8 Bom-Bom´s). Really, we could have slept on the floor, we were so tired. Once we got into our room, we decided to take a ¨short nap¨and use a watch alarm clock to wake up. Six hours later -- 8 p.m. Madrid time -- we woke up and realized that our nap was accidentally far too long... On the plus side, we had slept like dead people, and felt all ready to venture out on the town and get some food. We waited until about 9, in the meantime found Annie and Holly who had arrived during our intense nap, and walked around the building to Restaurant Puerto Rico...


Anonymous Eric said...

Hey, I glad to hear you made it to Spain without any trouble. FIGHT THE JET-LAG! Have a great trip.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Kristy said...

hey! It's good to hear that you made it there okay. Your first day of hiking sounded like a doozy. Sounded beautiful with the fog and scenery, but also physically challenging. Take care and take your vitamins (you brought them didn't you?) Love, Allie's mom

2:41 PM  
Anonymous clint w said...

Hi Allie, got your blog site from Santiagobis and wanted to thank you for giving all of us Camino junkies a good fix. I have always loved live postings from the Camino! You have the luxury of traveling with a group, don't let it be a prison also, eat out as much as you can afford, walk with others as often as you can and please take time to be alone with yourself. The weather often seems the most important thing while you walk, but when you return, you will soon forget the weather and you will realize that the people on the Camino are the most important thing, Write down names, in a year you will want to remember them. Buen Camino and keep the postings coming!

3:37 PM  

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