Saturday, June 24, 2006

i am here too.

hmmm, well, my adventures to madrid were not quite the same as those of allie, ryan, and caryn. i, too, had spent the sping in ann arbor, training with the bunch in the arb. my dad flew out to ann arbor to help me drive back to my home in minnesota. i feel as though this has become a rather reoccuring theme, but my time at home, my time in ann arbor, it all whipped by and i can hardly believe i´m standing here in madrid about to start a five hundred mile trek. in the little time i spent at home, i had somehow managed to develop blisters, and not even from my hiking boots. it´s all about inconvenient timing, i guess. somehow my skip across the pond had gone rather smoothly, supringly smoothly. i had flown out of the minneapolis-st. paul with the reassurance of mom, that if things ever got to hard for me, i could always just fly right back home. my first layover was in chicago. on my way there i sat next to a businessman who in his college years had managed to backpack europe numerous times, and had hoped to be fired from his job when it was taken over by new ownership so he could spend his summer in spain. regrettably, he was not fired, and i would be the one spending my summer in spain. i soon found myself in london, heathrow, absolutely out of control. i waited in ´´lines´´ forever and sure enough, as soon as i was on the plane managed to pass out, yet once again. again missing, the free beverage, the free meal, and meh, pretty much the whole traveling thing. which was quite fine with me, with how long i had been traveling. i had made all of my connections and no one harrassed me about bringing my backpack on as a carry-on, this just wasn´t how things usually go for me. now i was in madrid, and i had to find the metro. and i don´t really know spanish. of course, i had limited knowledge from highschool, but i really just go with the i don´t know spanish thing. i began walking around the airport hoping for some sign to point me in the direction of the metro. nothing (or so i thought). i finally began asking people in my weak spanish skills, and thankfully an airport worker was kind enough to escort me to one of the buses that would take me to terminal two were i would then have navigate my way to gran via. not a problem, suprisingly again. finding the hostal was another story though, i won´t go into the details here, but as per usual in any big city i always find myself in the rather sketchy areas. that doesn´t really matter though, cause i´m here now, safe and sound, and this blog has officially taken forever because the first try would not go through and i think (know) allie, ryan, and caryn are sick of waiting for me to finish. :)


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