Friday, June 30, 2006

the misfortune of miscommunication

Warning! this will be long...

everyday we start out in two groups. group a (led by Andy), which moves faster, takes fewer breaks and leaves earlier, and group b (led by Annie), which does all the opposite. Today, Holly, Alec, Caryn, Pablo and myself were in group b.

Our hike was great. We took our time, had wonderful conversations, enjoyed the remaining views of the Pyrannes (I know I totally messed up that spelling). However, when we arrived in Pamplona, shit hit the fan.

At precisely one o´clock, group B arrived in Pamplona. Also at precisely one o´clock, group A and B were supposed to meet up at our pilgrim house (also known as an Auberge). Unfortunately, group A was nowhere to be found. After about 45 minutes of sitting around, Annie left to take a taxi to the other Auberge. Five minutes later she returned, saying Andy called her and they were already at the other Auberge. No worries though. We picked up our bags and were off once again, hiking another 30 minutes across Pamplona to the other Auberge... i sure hope I´m not spelling Auberge wrong...

30 minutes later and we find out the other Auberge is no longer in existance. By this point it was 2pm and the sun was beating down on us hard. All of us ate very little that day, expecting to arrive in Pamplona early for lunch since it was only a 22km day (personally, I ate a little chorizo and bread, half an apple, and a few handfulls of trailmix)... so, by this point, we were getting weary, quite pissed off, and thoroughly exhausted.

After 30 minutes of hanging around the non-existant Auberge, we got another call from Andy and he told us the address of the place they were at. Annie decided to toss us exhausted peregrinos in a taxi, but when we told the taxi driver the address of the supposed Auberge, all he said was ¨esta aqui! esta aqui!¨(for those nonspanish speakers, you are here! you are here!¨ Clearly though, we were not there.

After another phone call from Andy, we decided to meet in the main plaza. So, we hiked another 20 minutes back through town to meet up with our other groupmates. By this point we had been in Pamplona for 2.5 hours, our stomachs eating their insides out in starvation, and smelled like complete ass.

Finally, we meet up (3 hours after arriving in Pamplona), shower, eat lots of food, drink lots of sangria, and learn a valuable lesson in communication.

This was long. I am tired. Pamplona is great. After dinner I saw an incredible jazz trio that played Route 66, met some locals and shared a cigarrette, and now I must leave because my time runs out in 2 minutes.

With the understanding that this is way too long of a blog post, but with much love,



Blogger edenharris said...

Perry, loved your note. It is so fun to get a sense of your hikes vicariously through your blogs. Sitting here in an air conditioned office in Boulder, CO, you make it easy to picture your adventures. Have more, and thanks for sharing!
Alec's mom

4:57 PM  
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