Saturday, June 24, 2006

a prologue

As Caryn, Allie, and I exited the underwhelming atmosphere and florescent lighting of the Madrid Metro (after a difficult time of navigating) into the overwhelmingly beautiful and sunny Gran Via, I immediately realized that after a long wait the camino will soon begin. Two months of training and anticpation in Ann Arbor were quickly washed away with the sights of Spanish culture and architecture...If only we had been able to sleep on the plane to enjoy this first day. The ill-advised mid-afternoon six hour nap documented below may have thrown us off a bit but we┬┤ll see. We have a couple days to enjoy the city and enjoy the city we will. Art, food, suspect Spanish speaking abilities, covert tourism, and a ridiculous amount of culture (including a Picasso retrospective commemorating his 125th birthday!) are at our disposal while trying to adjust to ridiculous jet lag. It will be a time...

Viva Espana,


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