Thursday, June 29, 2006


Okay, so as if I didn't get the point across before. I'm freaking hurting! Going downhill on rocks is not exactly walking on carpet. The soreness shall pass though. I felt this during training of track season. However, I'm a little concern about messing up my adorable feet, busting a knee cap, and breaking my shoulder from my backpack. Nevertheless, there has NEVER been an obstacle I can't overcome. I made it through a terrible bus ride...hiked from France to Spain in a day...and after chasing down my shoe in a fast pace upstream (which has caused even more unbearable pain on my feet)...I still count my blessings. I have stayed in really great hostels...nice beds...access to internet and phone...laundry facilities cause Lord knows I'm sooo tired I don't feel like washing...and most Private showers! Oh...way another important one....GOOOOD food. I was really worried about the food. I'm probably the world's pickest and weirdest eater, but I have actually tried some things I haven't before. I had some brie cheese in France...and I HATE cheese..but I was being a team player. It wasn't so bad. It tastes like butter. I had some delicious soup, trout, and Ore-Ida...yes! I said Ore-Ida (AMERICAN FOOD, LOL) after a long hike yesterday...and today I had some paella with rabbit in it, or so I think, and some pork loin. The flan that everyone got was awful, so I just had some helado(ice cream), which hit the spot! I'm guess this trying new things isn't so bad. And I also got to talk to someone very special to me today...which really helped in getting my day going. All and all...I know the pain and soreness will past...and I can really enjoy all these beautiful cities we pass, like the one we are in now, Zuburi. Well...that's it for now. Miss all my loves back home...see you soon though.


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