Wednesday, June 28, 2006

what a ride

so we all wake up at 5:30, our bags all packed and ready to go, and we hop on the bus to deal with a driver who drived like Neal Cassady (for those of you unfamiliar with Neal Cassady, he hugged the turns like a prostitute coming to you on a random street, cracked out outta her mind) That was our driver.

Personally, I read the entire trip. But as we got into the Pierrenes and I was nearing the end of my book, I looked up and noticed the entire bus had gone quiet and all the faces had turned a slime green. Casey, who sat in front of me, had his head in his hands... the gentle giant holding down the most immense amount of puke. Finally we arrive, sleep in our pilgrim house and began hiking this morning.

Our hike could not have been any more perfect. We woke at 6 and were on the trail at 6:30. The morning began with fog covering our path. As we climbed higher and higher, it eventually dissipated to reveal the most incredible view; at the highest pass, one side we could see the rolling farmlands of France, and the forests of Spain on the other. We get in, Andy and I had some beers (which I am most definitely still feeling) and now I feel like signing off.

So... peace. Time to eat, drink and be merry in Spain.

- Perry el Peregrino


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