Monday, July 31, 2006

the 100th entry

fittingly with such a monumental mark in the blog we arrive in santiago. did we ever really think we´d get here? probably. but even still, to be here is well, for now, indescribable. waking up this morning seemed like just any other. walking, walking, and more walking. suddenly we had reached our finally destination, descending from the hill with the city in sight, it was hard to believe this was actually the infamous santiago. success. and more.


Anonymous Casey's Parents said...


Thanks for the posting. We couldn't wait to hear that you made it. Enjoy you days and take a mental picture, in color, to keep forever.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Cheryl said...

Holly's MOM said, After earning those grotesque BLISTERS by the middle of your walk we were somewhat worried you would be able to finish but we know YOU and adversity has NEVER stopped you from accomplishing the goals you have set. One thing you're NOT is a quitter so as usual we're very proud you're feet didn't get worse and you reached "SANTIAGO"! Congratulations to you and the whole group. I'm sure you will have many stories to tell when you come home. I know the time you spent ALONE in Leon gave you alot of extra time for reflection which is pretty much your main mode of thought on a daily basis. I'm sure that was an added blessing while you waited to join the group.With all the reservations I had about you doing this pilgrimage I can truly say I'm glad I did not talk you out of it. I know it's an experience you'll NEVER forget and knowing you , you'll probably do it again!Have a great time celebrating in SANTIAGO and I'll wait to hear from you when you reach London. Adios! Love MOM

3:44 PM  

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