Sunday, July 02, 2006

Chapter 4: Toughest Day (D)one (revisited)?

The last two days saw us walking from Pamplona to Puenta de Reina and from Puenta de Reina to Estella. According to Andy´s handy Camino book these days had difficulty ratings of two boots and one boot respectively. The first day warranted a three boot rating. However, as I was walking today and felt the hot sun burning in a cloudless sky and my legs beginning to feel the wear of a daily 20+ kilometers I was totally covinced that these days were harder. But aside from tired legs and a persistenly sore shoulder I´m still in pretty good shape and find myself thinking thoughts more and more interesting each day. There is no better meditation than walking...


Blogger Shante said...

Sounds like you are getting through those rough days. You should have brought you some icyhot for that shoulder. Keep it up and I really proud of my "little" brother. Love Ya


10:24 AM  
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