Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Chapter 5: The Great Band-Aid Debate and the 28K Day

Today saw the group walking 28 kms in the persistent sun to the city of Logrono. Each day we find newer and better ways to pass the time and I can honestly say that we are becoming more and more efficient at it. As it would happen in any conversation initiated by me, today Allie, Holly, Perry, Ti, and Annie, challenged me in an intense debate about brand names used as product names. I got myself into this mess by correcting Caryn last night when she said she needed band-aids. I implored that she call them bandages because band-aid is a brand name not the product name. Long story short the group grilled me on this conviction and at the end of it all I found that arguing issues that challenge common human practices (like calling facial tissue kleenex) is something that one can come under fire for if not careful. The lessons of the Camino...


Blogger Shante said...

You know where you get that debate an issue from right? You will argue/debate until you have the last word. Go ahead take a guess... You get that honestly!!


12:37 AM  
Anonymous clint w said...

having great fun reading all the Camino blogs here, will continue to follow you to Santiago. Bringing back great memories for me!

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:52 AM  
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