Thursday, July 20, 2006

Chapter 9: The Poem Project and the Rest Day

As the rest day in Astorga comes to an end and the final ten days of the hike begin, I realize that there are a number of things that I can talk about that I haven´t yet touched upon in my few blogs. Whether I draw from my experiences and thoughts on the many cathedrals that we´ve visited or any of the significant conversations that I´ve had with my teammates on the trail. However, the one thing that I haven´t talked about much and that I´d like to share regards a personal project that I´ve tried to accomplish that requires me to sum up each day´s experience in an 8-16 line poem so that when I look back through my journal I won´t have to sift through pages and pages of incoherant stream of consciousness and can instead read what I thought on any given day in one minute. I´ve missed at least ten days of this project and haven´t shared much of what I´ve written, until now.

The day that we walked 37 km from Sahagún to Mancilla de las Mulas was a significant mental and physical milestone for the team and proved that we could take whatever the Camino could throw at us. This is the poem I wrote that day:

Long Day

One point noted away from the mind,
Consigned to exile shackeld unbound,
Without centrality focus unwinds
In crooked straight lines, when freedom sounds.

The ground whispers with each step
Eloquent insight, repititous wisdom
As dust drifts downward the breeze drips red
From sun tinted sweat when the long day is done.

Blue skies fall from nonexistent clouds
Below feet plow beneath stretching trails.
Left of center the pale path bends
Looking for the end, I´m looking for the end.


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