Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Dangers of Cruise Control

So this is now my third strike with taking the wrong trail to Santiago, and each has occurred with a different group member. So guys take a note, Don´t Hike With Me. It´s bad luck. Quick explaination...
Kate and I took a slight detour about 2 weeks back which extended a 30 K day to about 34. Pablo and I were off walking in the wrong direction when the faint screams of other Pilgrims finally forced us to turn around and find the right track. And then today....Ti-Yanna and I were hauling it today trying to get into Sarria to relax. You´ll have to trust me but we were blowing away the competition. No breaks, no time for dilly dally, we just pushed on through the driving rainstorm (more like a slight mist but you get the picture). We had distanced ourselves about 15 minutes from the second group when we glided into cruise control and slipped into a great conversation. Throughout the day we kept complaining about how poorly the trail was marked beacuse we seemed to be going for long periods of time without a marker to guide our way. We went so far as to predict that someone was going to get lost today. To make a long story short..after like 2 hours of walking alone, we realized that the group in front of us was in fact the group which had once been far behind. Obviously they had not passed us, so we quickly tracked them down to inquire about the situation. Turns out they had taken a 20 minute break and still managed to beat us. So lost in conversation, Ti and I had lost atleast 40 minutes wandering in the wilderness. I guess we should have been less worried about others and more concerned about following the trail. But at the end of the day, Ti and I had a great conversation and made it safely to Sarria. Can´t ask for much more than that. But parents, I promise to be more careful with your children from no on.
Love you Mom and Dad.



Anonymous Casey's Mom said...

You need to bring Ti-Yanna home safe. She had a rough time getting there, don't lose her.

Love Mom

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Cheryl said...

Holly's MOM said.....Casey, enjoyed reading this entry as it brought back fond memories of hiking the mountain trails in Yosemite and getting somewhat lost due to absence of markers. It was far too easy to underestimate how much time hikes would take and we sometimes came back way after dark having stopped too long to enjoy the scenery. I'm going to miss reading the entries on the blog but it will be great for us when everyone arrives back home..I want to wish you the best on the home stretch. Wish we could be there when you enter SANTIAGO! That will be truly worth celebrating and you'll finally stay in one place for more than a day. Holly, call when you can or enter something on the blog PLEASE???? adios

11:29 AM  
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