Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dr. Allie

So I´m pretty sure Allie is the next up-and-coming surgeon. I´m basing this assumption on 3 important observations: 1. Her absolute fascination with the blister situation which seemed to dominate our evenings last night 2. Her stringent attempts to maintain a sterile environment at all times (something which is never a top priority in my book) 3 Her willingness to dive into a new and smelly situation like grabbing the foot of a smelly 200 pound peligrino and not letting go until the proper medical care had been provided. In short, we should all be investing in this young woman´s future. I have set up an account in which donations can be collected. Simply make checks payable to Casey Emerson Joseph White...... no but seriously she the next up-and-coming thing so chech her out. In any event, the blister situation is under control, my thanks go out to Andy for the needle and thread is so amazing becasue it keeps you from having to drain the blister over and over throughout the day. Sounds wierd but really works.
Tried to take a nap today but the flies were all over me. I felt like a horse (I must smell that delicious). So instead i´m up meeting some people from all over the world and getting ready to leave to watch the soccer game. I feel like this is an interesting part of the camino because we are starting to form some genuine friendships with certain groups and individuals whom we seem to meet up with every other day or so. It´s been a great ride so far, so let´s keep the good times rolling. Love you Mom and Dad.


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