Saturday, July 29, 2006

the End, wherever that is

We can feel the end coming. Along the trail we pass ¨mile¨markers that have only two digit numbers. Our talk comes around more and more to questions like, ¨What´s the first thing you´re going to eat when you get back?¨Even more serious are discussions about how we think we´ve changed since our first day back in France when we started this walk. While some of us can articulate specific ways we are different, I can´t really think of any certain except a sense of being wiser... somehow. I think we can be pretty sure, however, that when Santiago appears on the path, no one is going feel like the journey is over. We will stop walking but our answers to ¨how have you changed¨are not going to be fixed for a long time to come -- therefore the end really isn´t in Santiago. It´s coming and we all feel it, but it won´t be here for while yet.


Blogger Kristy said...

It's hard to imagine the miles that you have walked, the places that you have been and the people that you met. Enjoy tremendously the last days of your journey, for all too soon you will be back in the States and school will be starting again. By the way, your football tickets are here!

Love, Mom

6:58 PM  

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