Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fast times Osobrero high

So I´ve been informed we´re now in the process of transitioning from fun super-cool mountain land to smelly super-wet cow/coastland, something which sounds worse than it is because is implies flat hikes and cool (albeit dung-laden) days. The camino funk seems to have passed us after reaching somewhat epidemic proportions, and all that remains for me is a daily post-meal stomach ache and a trenchant distaste for sausage and cheese bocadillos. Our rooming schedule for the remainder of the trip was just solidified today... somewhat ahead of the usual schedule because towards the end of the camino people tend to jump on the trail and clog up the Albergues-- weak-sauce peregrino wannabees. Anyway, my softer side is getting a bit anxious to take this bad-boy home and enjoy the perks of a static residency, while a good portion of the rest of me really wants to stay in Spain for a lot longer. It´s definitely a strange emotional pull in opposite directions I think we all feel on endeavors such as these. I suppose there is little to be done but ride this crazy Camino thing as far as itíll take me. So long.


Anonymous Veronica said...

Yo, Trick-A huh? can't wait to hear your new found rapping skills, i hope its in spanish. way to spread the stomach flu around, have fun in the smelly cow land, i hope the last couple of weeks hold lots more exciting adventures and insights into your inner self! Bye Babe!

1:19 PM  
Blogger scribbler said...

Hey Alec, I'd guess you're drawn to the finish now...there is a quickening to everyone's blog entries...hope you savor it all, as we have your thoughts. love from Boulder. dad

7:03 PM  
Blogger edenharris said...

I love all your blogs. Ryan, Casey , Ti-Yanna, Kate, Paul...all of them. I will miss them all when you've returned, and miss the thrill of seeing new postings. But I'm sure their families are as excited as we are to see you and hear the stories re-told. But you'll all take a special part of that trip with you forever. Wow. What a gift.
P.S. Can't wait to hear the new rap group!
P.P.S. I TOTALLY got your Beatles title of the Long and Winding Road.

8:56 PM  
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