Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Final Countdown

Just two more days left before we arrive in Santiago. The entire Camino just seems like a huge blur to me...the details are too numerous to make sense of now. I clearly remember St. Jean, Roncesvalles, and Zubiri, but after that, all of the albergues, all of the towns, all of the hikes become one unforgettable experience. With time running out, I feel prepared to finish. I always thought the finish would be the best part, but the opposite is true. With about 5 or 6 days left, I began counting down, something I had never done before. What made the Camino so great was the rhythm of daily life...waking up early, hiking, eating, napping, journaling, exploring, talking, meeting new people. For the first time in many years, time became irrelevant.


Anonymous Mike Layne said...

Hey, me too!

I can remember St. Jean, Roncesvalles, and Zubiri too!

(wish I could remember pulpo in Melide)

7:10 PM  
Anonymous RON said...

Probably when you read your journal and the blog notes of everyone you will remember lots more places and details, at least all the places wher you had cafe co leche. :-) I hope your remaining time is even better than you now imagine. To me your hike so far has been an incredible experience and one even I will not soon forget. Looking forward to seeing you and learning more. Happy trails!

5:50 PM  

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