Thursday, July 13, 2006

"The Long Un-winding Road" (ba ba...)

So we just finished an extrodinarily straight, flat, and dry hike today, and I think we´re all getting pretty accustomed to the 27 km day as a (metaphorically speaking) comfortable average. Long gone are the two-group, different starting time days, and I´m definitely glad to be able to move in and out of the larger group as I choose. Also, being in less than spectacular terrain has pushed me into some really worthwhile conversations with my fellow pilgrims. Thus far my experience has been very profound, and I´m continually amazed by the things I have always pondered but finally have time to think and discuss thoroughly. It definitely strikes me as ironic that my most powerful experiences have revolved around thinking and talking about my life from home given that I came all the way toSpain to do it, but I think there is something to be said about distanced reflection. Anyway, Spain is amazing and I definitely feel like I´m ´soaking it in,´something I don´t think I´ve ever truly done in a foreign country. I send my love to you all.

P.S. - the title is a pun (think Beatles) that Paul has just informed me is not self-evident.


Blogger scribbler said...

Great to hear news Alec. Trip sounds great! And yep, it usually takes getting out of town to get any real persepective on what's happening in life! Got your voice messages whilst in Mexico but back in Boulder now. Keep on keepin' on. I love you. me

12:54 AM  
Blogger edenharris said...

It's already 5pm there on Friday as I post've likely finished the astonishing 37 km hike today. Few get the experience of this kind of travel. It's too difficult for most. Too frightening for others. Impossibly expensive for so much of the world. But for you and the others like you on the trail, you will carry this experience with you forever and be forever changed. The rest of us will want to know and will pester you for all the details you can summon. Yet we won't be able to summon the heat of the trail, the comfortable solitude among friends, the instant commraderie of meeting new pilgrims, the sorry goodbyes, the expectation of the village just ahead. I'm so proud of you, Alec. I miss you. And I love you.

Kate's graduation party is tomorrow, and we'll all be thinking of you too. She just received her last grades and she made it through 4 years of college with straight A's. I've never known anyone to mourn an accomplishment like that. "I just turned in my last paper of college!" Her choice to go on to graduate school is clearly the right one!
Thanks to everyone in your group for your ongoing posts. We all eagerly look to see if somehing new has been posted, then the emails fly.

I love you,

11:36 AM  
Blogger scribbler said...

Hi Alec, The way you all are facing the physical and mental challenges reminds me of Mary Oliver's invitation to "risk the wildest places, lest we go down in comfort and despair." What an adventure! I trust you have no ill effects from being hit by the motor scooter. Will be thinking of you while hiking on Flagstaff today.luv. dad

11:45 AM  
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