Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Naps Are Amazing

So today was only my second nap of the entire Camino. This said, today ranked in the top two of my favorite days on the Camino. I´m glad to see that Allie has already to cleaverly posted about the question game. The funny thing is that after you have played the game for an hour or so, your mind only thinks in questions, and it takes some time before you can function as a competent human being once again.
All in all, today was a great hike. At one point we stopped tomake ¨bocodillos¨with cheese and tomatoes, and we washed them down with mini ice cream bars we found at the supermarket. I had been waiting in line for like 20 minutes to get some cheese from the deli and all of these old spanish woman were jumping in front of me and getting helped. I was so confused because I was sure the woman behind the counter saw me( I was atleast a foot taller than most of these women). Finally, one of these women asked me if I had taken a number.............I had not. I was a little frusterated until all of these sweet grandmothers conferred and decided that I could order next. So my thanks to las abuelas de espana.
Also along the trail I saw a man I had met a day before who had been involved in a car accident and was in a coma for six months. We talked the other day about how his doctor told him he should no longer smaoke, but he does not listen. If you heard him breathe, you would know this is good medical advise. To make a long story short, yesterday he told me he was done smoking and today I saw him smoking undr a tree. So I stopped to scold him in Spanish. What a day. Now I´m off on a tour of logrono and I´m going to Corte Ingles to purchase more bandades. Love you Mom and Dad.


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