Friday, July 21, 2006

On the road again

Goodbye Astorga. I will miss your Roman ruins, your historic museos, but most of all, I will miss your chocolate. Delicioso!
Upon entering today´s albergue, we were immediately and enthusiastically greeted by high school age girls from Madrid. They are full of energy and really epitimize the term ¨teeny boppers.¨ I have been talking with them a lot already, especially one of the girls who has visited the states. She has even been to Michigan. But we told the girls we want to speak Spanish so we can practice and this girl gets so excited that she can´t help but slip into english (what a show off.....just kidding but she is really good). So her friends and Pablo and I have been tuning her up a bit. So hopefully today will be a great Spanish lesson, and maybe I will learn to say a lot of Spanish words about really important things like teenage boys and Brittany Speers......One can only dream to be so lucky.
On a darker note, I am trying to avoid the terrible sickness which had drifted into camp. It is a dark, painful monster that actually does leave its victims cold and shiverring in the night as I suggested in an earlier blog.
Can´t believe the Camino is almost over. Love you Mom and Dad.


Blogger Andy Noverr said...

The virus Casey mentions is pretty nasty but it is nothing plenty of rest cannot handle. So far, two of our team have fallen victims to it - we hope they are the last.

11:47 AM  
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