Thursday, July 20, 2006


Yes folks, its break time on the Camino. One day off in scenic Astorga before we take it all the way into Santigo. After a spell of long days we have of late (the past 3 days) adopted a more relaxed pace, and today´s rest has been the culmination of a trend which has re-energized us for the final push.
In other news, the group is progessing nicely...we´ve all become mosty accustomed to the Spainish lifestyle (meaning we are all terribly dependent on midday naps along with diabetes-grade sugar overloads for breakfast, among other things), and have begun to talk pretty regularly and in-depth with new pilgrims.
I myself have become quite fascinated with the idea of keeping a journal...definitely a first for me, but one which has helped me to take a more focused and precise stance on my thoughts. As ususal, I´d love to share more, but little time remains in my paid foray into the digital world, and laundry beckons. Love.


Blogger scribbler said...

Hey Alec! We're happy to hear news of your travels... other than the motor scooter bumping it sounds like your hiking has gone well. I'm not surprised that the inner journey beckons as well... when you remember that Camino has been the site of hopes and dreams, suffering and joy and yes, the prayers carried by travellers before you for centuries. I miss you but I'm glad of your adventure. Can't wait for the stories! love, dad

12:40 PM  
Blogger edenharris said...

Hi Alec! So fun to hear from you. I surprised myself today in listening again to your phone message from early July (which, of course, I saved on my cell phone)...thinking it was a new message left today while I was flying to NY, I jumped at the thought of hearing from you again. After feeling more than a bit silly, I also recognized that great lilt in your voice of a man on one of the best adventures of his life. Glad I got to hear it again.

Ran in to (almost literally) Max and Mike at Noodles last night. Was racing home late, on the cell phone, waiting for my Noodles order, when someone bumped. I stepped out of the way, intent on my call, trying to be polite, and two big guys bumped me on either side, even harder. Imagine my delight to look up and see the two of them. Towering over me, I might add. Max looks another 6 inches taller; thinner, with lots of curly hair adding even more height. They were on their way to a Shakespeare play. They're looking forward to seeing you too when you get back.
Enjoy the 'break' and good luck in the big push to Santigo. Love

11:21 PM  
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