Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sad 4th of July...

So as if not having my delicious barbeque isn't enough....THERE'S NO EL CORTES INGLES HERE! I'm soooo sad! :-( I was really looking forward to this. I just don't understand. I saw the signs miles away from here saying El Cortes Ingles this way...and I even SAW it while I was walking! It's like it disappeared into thin air! But it's okay...I guess. I did enjoy my time in Pamplona when I got to see a wonderful African group perform. I wanted to dance but my knees told me NO! I do talk to my body often to make sure it still loves me after all I have put it through...and it does! I loved the food we ate yesterday in Los Arcos...some pork loin, patatas fritas, and some sandia (watermelon). I had a pretty nasty fall today on another note. My shoelace came off the hook of my boot and I slowly saw myself fall in sloooowww motion. My hand doesn't like me very much right now...(it told me so)...but it will get over it. I told it I will make it up to it. I do miss my family and friends and hope to see you all soon. Continue to pray for my strength and endurance because this hot sun is not very nice during 20 miles of walking! Love y'all. Muah!


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Anonymous Keith Mims said...

Haha im jus readin it you are so silly and still remind me of one of my friends! But i'll pray for you stay strong!

9:44 PM  

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