Monday, July 17, 2006

The Shirt off of his own Back

I am the proud new owner of a 2006 FIFA World Cup Brazil shirt. It´s probably my favorite shirt, even though I´ve never actually tried it on. The truth of the matter is that my friend Sergio and I began talking about what a nice place Brazil is (Sergio is from Brazil and is very proud of his heritage...he invited our entire group to come and stay with him in Brazil next summer) Before I knew it, Sergio had ripped the shirt he was wearing right off of his back and handed it over. I protested, but in the end I have to admit that I am 100% excited to have such a meaningful article of memorabelia to remember our friendship and the trip in general. Tomorrow, Sergio and our Luts want to have a fairwell party in Estorga because they are on the accelerated (Camino on steroids) for the next two weeks.

Quick note about today...we are staying in the ¨Albergue of Jesus¨, and this place is like Heaven. Swimming pool, big lawn, lifeguard chair atop Noah´s Ark (there´s seriously a big wooden boat you can crawl into so I´ve been herding up animals just in case), and we even get to sleep outside.

Loving Spain. Love you mom and dad.



Anonymous Casey's Mom said...

Sounds like you are enjoying every second. Cherish your gift and the new friendships. Brazil sounds like a great place to visit. It's going to be 96 degress here today. I would like to be swimming with all of you. Have fun.

Love, Mom

1:15 PM  
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