Thursday, July 06, 2006

So I hate to disappoint, but my goal of adding pictures with every post has been precluded by the technology readily available... Lo Siento. With that out of the way, on to a brief recap of the past days. By far my most memorable moment was my encounter with a local motorist who decided the best way to get around was to hit full throttle on a small dirt road for pilgrims. I, `perhaps unsurprisingly, was lost in my own head when I heard what sounded to be a weedwacker on wheels quickly approaching. One step left, one step right, and our motorist friend made contact (with mostly my backpack..she was coming from behind), flew off the road, into the shrubbery, and made herself comfortable in the fetal position. Upon reflection, I think she must have hit me with her handlebars, deflecting driver, scooter, and a whole bunch of momentum into the bushes.
Needless to say she was not in the best spirits upon coming to, but I was definitely surprised by how displeased she was. After refusing my help in every way, she embarked upòn a expletive-rife tirade explaining to my that it was my fault for failing to choose a side. Given the more than generous time she alloted me with her speed (about 2 seconds) I was eager to calmly explain to her that she had just hit me from behind at a high speed with her scooter on a dirt path for pilgrims. Needless to say my spainish did not allow such an explanation. Luckily my companion Andy supplied her with an adequately passionate substitute.
Anyway, we were both fine in the end. There is much more to say about the days past, but I must go.


Blogger edenharris said...

Great story...I've sent it around to everyone. Not surprisingly, everyone responds with a very similar refrain. "That's SO Alec!"

Thank you for your notes. We're all enjoying your pilgrimage vicariously. The pictures are a real treat as well.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Veronica said...

I have to agree with "that is so ALec"...thats great! anywho check your email! the pictures are so cool, you look like you are having a blast.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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