Saturday, July 29, 2006

Today it hit me

Today on the trail I felt my course change. In an earlier enterview, Ryan had asked if the Camino was about the journey or the dintination. Without hesitation, I quickly realized that, for me, the Camino is all about the journey. The relationships I will carry for a lifetime, the emotions which seem to be playing on shuffle in my internal Ipod, even the adversities which myself and the group as a whole has had to overcome throughout the trip. All of these things will never be forgotten, and I can honestly say that this has been one of the most rewarding steps I have taken towards personal growth and happiness.
But today, it felt as if someone had switched my internal clockwork, and I finally felt myself moving towards a destination. I´m finding myself running through an emotional gauntlet, and I´m not sure how I will fully be effected by the journey at this time. But perhaps none of this will be truly realized until I have finally reached that point. I´m looking forward to having time to disect what the Camino means to me, and what the Camino may have meant to so many others who have traveled the journey before.
Love you Mom and Dad


Anonymous clint W said...

In his book "Roads to Santiago" Cees Nooteboom talks about feeling magnified by the emotions of all who have arrived before and then goes on to talk of the handprint in the marble column at Santiago and the feeling he got when he put his hand into it. It was a very powerful experience for me and I hope you feel some of the power also. All during the Camino I had people say " Buen Camino" to me but even more important to me was the first time in Santiago when someone said " Buen Vida". The Camino ends only if you accept it as being over. Buen Vida Clint

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