Sunday, July 02, 2006

Today We Entered The Mountains

Just kidding with the title there. That was a shout out to my man Mike who had to leave the Camino early to research for his dissertation. We miss you here Mike. In reality, today was only a one boot day based upon the three boot scale with which we have become familiar. I don´t really have anything exciting to report today. Kind of a dull day on the trail, but I do suspect that tonight should be an interesting snore fest based on the large room packed full of peregrinos in which we will be sleeping. One interesting thought that passed through my mind today was the little things that somehow remind you of home. Here´s the story: Any loses the ¨foot-like¨end to her walking stick in a mud puddle as she pòle vaults across. We start digging through the mud on hands and knees. We are unsuccessful. We all smell like muck. So my family lived on a canal for a long time and that muck smell was with me all day long, dragging back old memories from that house and the countless times I left the water marred by the stench. So to the family, I´ll have you know that I was thinking about you all day long and I miss all of you. Love you.


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