Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What is The Question Game?

How do you stay entertained during a seven hour hike across the Spanish countryside? Is it possible to be distracted from thoughts of aching feet and greasy sunscreened arms? What if we played a game in which everyone has to ask only questions? Don´t they play something like that on Whose Line Is It Anyway? Which order should everyone go in? What are the criteria for a question to be valid? Shouldn´t the questions have to be related to the question asked by the previous person? What if someone goes out of turn accidentally? What if we play it like ¨HORSE¨, where you get a letter for every mistake you make? Could this be fun? How long could we play for? Would we start asking silly questions like ¨Don´t you hate it when old ladies call hot dogs weiners?¨ and ¨What is the meaning of life?¨ Doesn´t this sound like fun?


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