Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Wrestler´s Focus

So these last couple of day´s have been somewhat painful (but luckily I feel as if everyday is getting better ad better). When we arrived in Burgos the other day, my left shin was feeling destroyed. Something told me that, having been caused by walking in the first place, this wasn´t the kind of thing in which I could ¨just walk it off.¨ The next morning, I was in serious, serious pain. Funny enough, I found myself rehearsing my routine before a tough wrestling match. I just tried to calm myself and focus completely upon the task ahead. Many of the thought´s my dad had shared with me in the past during wrestling practices sprang to the surface.....¨Any one can work hard when they are feeling good. But the true measure of a man is the amount of adversity it takes to discourage him when he isn´t feeling at his best.¨ So I walked slow, put one foot in front of the other, and eventually I made it to the next town. Along the way, Annie, Alec, and Kate stuck with me as I hobbled like an old man.....I am so very grateful. But shin splints won´t slow me down and I am still having the time of my life.
On a lighter note, I won the FIFA World Cup Challenge against kate, and she will therefore be my back/foot massage slave for the next couple of days. As you can imagine, I´m pretty excited but I feel really bad for Kate because my feet have a terrible and inescapable stench. Bueno Suerte Chica!
Mom I sent you a postcard today, and I might even call soon. I love and miss you.


Anonymous Casey's Mom said...

Toughin' up big guy!! Poor Kate. I know what those feet can smell like. Good to hear from all of you. Enjoy!

Casey's Mom

11:41 AM  
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