Thursday, June 22, 2006

The countdown is on

The time has finally arrived. Two years is too long to wait between trips. Tonight I am washing all my clothes and packing my backpack to see how it is for weight. Here are some of my packing tips for the rest of you who are doing the same. First, pack light. Last time when we set out we were heckled by the other pilgrims for our mammoth pack and insane weight we were carrying, and rightly so. Lots of us suffered from sneaking in an extra pair of shoes or jeans. Second, pack sensibly. The heavy stuff goes on the bottom and closer to your back. Everything possible should be in your bag. Don’t leave things hanging out or tied to the outside. At this point, if you can’t fit it in now, you need to do some serious repacking. Third, go back and cull again. That means make sure you are taking the tiniest shampoo bottle necessary, the smallest toothbrush, the least amount of underwear. Remember, the towns we walk through have had pilgrims walking through them for nearly two thousand years. They have most anything you might need to buy along the way.
I am really looking forward to meeting everybody. Thanks so much to Andy who has had to do much of the work while I was off in Paris. See you all in Madrid.


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