Friday, June 23, 2006

Five days to go

It is crazy to think that in five short days we will start our pilgrimage. I have never prepared for anything I've done like this aside from sports as a teenager. Starting 12 weeks ago, I began training in anticipation for this program and it is hard to believe that it (the training) is at an end and now the real adventure begins.

In many regards, I am frustrated with my progress. I wish I were fitter, thinner, and stronger but at the same time recognize I could have done more. In the end, the training proved to be rewarding on so many levels. Through our daily walks, I got to know many of the participants and appreciate what they will bring to the team. Ryan the artist, Caryn the planner, Allie the scholar, Holly the musician, Chun Yi the comic and our beloved Nick from the 2004 team frequently accompanied and motivated me to meet the weekly goals. Without their companionship, this first half of our program would have been helplessly boring.


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