Saturday, July 15, 2006

keep the comments coming

It seems like I can´t stop blogging these days. I just wanted to let those of you reading that we love to read the comments. They are a fun way to hear from our fans back home. So keep them coming. On a similar note, please understand that we can´t always get to a computer everyday, so if we are absent a day or two (or more), don´t worry, we haven´t forgotten about you all. Sometimes the lines for a computer are long, the computers are broken, or the albergues don´t have Internet.


Anonymous Dad said...

Really enjoying reading about your progress. Wish you would give the names of the towns you are staying in so we can follow you on a map. Love Dad

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here dad.

15th: Mansilla de las mulas
16th: Leon
17th: Villar de Matarife
18th: Astorga
19th: Rest in Astroga
20th: Rabanal
21st: Molina seca
22nd: Villafranca
23rd: Vega de Calcarce
24th: Ocebreiro
25th: Tricastela
26th: Barbadelo
27th: Portomarin
28th: Melide
29th: Pedrouzo
30th: Santiago
31st: Santiago
1st: Santiago
2nd: Madrid

It's something like that, although as far as I can tell they're a day or so ahead of the intinerary I have. I adjusted for it, but they may add a rest day in rather than finish early.

3:38 PM  
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