Friday, July 14, 2006

The Products of Spain

I´m telling you this in confidence. I´m going to make it big one day, you know. I´ll tell you how, but don´t go stealing my ideas.

Alright. So there are some products here in España that we need in the States. I know there must be a way that I can make that happen and cash in. Our Danish friends, Peter and Markus told me that in Denmark they have a little store that sells American products, and it´s the only place they can get root beer. I told them how to make a float. In any case, I plan to do a little importing myself, and I´m going to start with these products:

Principes. Perhaps someone has already blogged about these little edibles from heaven, and if so, I apologize for being repetative. Principes are circular sandwich cookies composed of two light, crispy, buttery slabs of goodness filled with chocolate creamy creaminess. No American elven could make these puppies in some silly tree! They come in a roll wrapped in blue plastic, with a picture of a little cartoon prince on it. They cost a Euro or less and are a simply fabulous snack after 20 K or so. But then again, just about anything is simply fabulous after 20 K, so that is a bad example. But trust me, they´re the best!

KAS. The slogan is, ¨Bebe KAS y nada mas¨. That is, ¨Drink KAS and nothing else¨. Oh KAS, why would I bebe any beverage that is not your fizzy fizziness of refreshment? KAS is a fruity soda in Naranja (orange) or Limon (figure it out). I prefer limon, personally. It´s like lemonade with the perfect proportion of carbonation. Delicious!

Maxibon. A product of Nestle. Half ice cream bar, half ice cream sandwich. You hold on to the sandwich part and eat the bar part first. Hello, America! Where is Maxibon?

Hasta Luego.

Caryn (future business woman)


Blogger Carla said...

Maxibon's sound dreamy...

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A princep, or principes, were men who formed the second line of battle in a Roman infantry unit. They were experienced men who were "sandwiched" inbetween the new recruits in front (Hastati) and the veteran experts in the rear (Triarii). So that must be where they got the name. For the cookie, I mean. I doubt the Romans named their fighting men after cutely packaged confections.

As far as Maxibons, yeah, I can't imagine why they wouldn't sell them in America. Oh wait, it sounds like a chocolate tampon.

I can just imagine some poor bastard in line at the supermarket. "Price check on MAXIBONS." "Heh ..." (long awkward pause) "They're for my wife."

While I'm here, I should note that this blog is as busted as your feet. Ever since Ryan made his last post, there is this confusingly large gap before any actual blog text appears. Although it may be some kind of divination from Saint James, you might consider an exorcism before every subsequent post is possessed as well.

The power of Nick compels you.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Connie said...

Forget about what "Anonymous" says...after all, when have you ever seen a business person by that name, anyway????

I think you've got a great business plan, and I'd be glad to invest at least one Euro to back you up!

Buen Camino! Tring! Tring! That's Kelly's bicycle bell.... she's coming up the rear on her tricycle...please don't flip her off now! I'm not sure how I would explain what it means to her little ears!


5:45 PM  
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